Hire Talent

Your team = their dream

In the same way we don’t send you unqualified candidates, we don’t send candidates unqualified companies. The perfect match exists – we’ll introduce you, and, we’ll do it fast.

I work with companies that offer the very best. You have a great culture, you offer a competitive salary with benefits, you show up for your team and they show up for you – and yet the position remains open with a pipeline that’s slowed to a trickle.

Why aren’t you getting the talent you need?

Reason #1
Your recruiting process is focused on the front end.

You have the tools to find resumes and you’ve invested in a paid version of LinkedIn, but that’s not what gets candidates across the finish line especially when they’re not looking for work.


As a specialized recruiter, I know both the front and the back end of recruiting - the second half where most placements fall apart - and help my clients find and hire the risk-averse candidates who need more support getting over the final hump.

It takes a lot more elbow grease to present your value proposition, overcome their fear of change, and negotiate strategically when they’re presented with multiple offers. That’s what we do!

Reason #2
You’re an amazing leader… but not a recruiter (and that’s okay!)

I totally understand that having a job open for 3+ months doesn’t look good.

You’re a leader because you’re self-sufficient and willing to take on anything! But if you don’t get someone hired fast, no one’s going to be happy. Your work and image don’t have to needlessly suffer.

We can help you find the right person faster than the other teams you’re working with. Why? We’re connected and people talk to us.


How many times has someone made a career move that you didn’t expect and then you thought to yourself, “Gosh, if I’d only known they were looking.”

We know who those people are. We’ve built relationships in this industry for the past 7 years. Let’s get you a rockstar that turns people’s heads on your team!


It’s not about twisting arms or fluffing up your job description. It’s communicating to them what they could have beyond their salary and benefits – and Cyber Talent Search knows exactly what that is because we’ve built relationships with top sales and engineering talent just as much as we’ve helped place them.

We know what makes them tick, feel satisfied at work, what they consider good vs great, and how to present your role as their dream job – because it is!