We eat, sleep, and breathe product security.

From the edge to the cloud - and everything in between, Cyber Talent Search recruits impact players who think beyond standards and sales quotas and focus on making the world a safer place. We eat, sleep, and breathe product security.

Our deep networks in Automotive & Mobility, Industrial Control Systems, and Medical Devices allow us to tap into the best talent to fill positions quickly.

We routinely fill Sales, Engineering, and Leadership positions at all levels in the organization – from junior level pre-sales engineers to the President of North America.


Areas of Focus

Hiring managers can save gobs of time in the searching and interviewing process working with a specialized recruiter.

Instead of sorting through your endless emails of unqualified candidates, work with us to quickly find the most highly-qualified and ambitious people you need to protect and grow your business.

Engineering & Penetration Testing

Threat and Vulnerability

Software Development

Incident Response

Sales & Business Development

Product & Program Management

Our Process

During every phase of the process, we partner with talent acquisition and hiring managers to ensure open and consistent communication. Our goal is to work alongside you and be an extension of your team.


We will...

  • Listen to your unique needs and determine the skills and qualities that are top priority for the ideal candidate
  • Brainstorm key differentiators that set you apart from your competitors to attract the right candidates


We will...

  • Build a profile of the ideal candidate and consult on industry compensation standards
  • Create a search and sourcing plan
  • Generate a list of potential candidates

Contact & Submit

We will...

  • Reach out to the candidates who fit your profile 5-7 times
  • Conduct candidate assessments and initial interviews
  • Submit resumes and interview notes of qualified candidates to client


We will...

  • Prep the candidate on your goals and priorities and brief you on the candidate’s motivation and career goals
  • Assist with scheduling meetings
  • Debrief with you and the candidate to discuss next steps


We will...

  • Keep the dialogue open, positive and moving forward
  • Ensure expectations on each side are in alignment
  • Work with both the client and candidate to negotiate a compensation package
  • Prepare the candidate for resignation and their new start date


We will...

  • Remain in contact with the candidate and client through the start date and initial phases of employment
  • Conduct a post-placement interview with you to make sure the project was successfully completed

Let us take this seemingly impossible task off your shoulders (and it’s not). Begin today.